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June 2014

Cancer and Family



I suppose this is a common topic for most American

Families. We've all met or known someone who's

dealt with cancer in some way.


For me (us), it was my mother Charlotte. She loved

Family and welcomed all.


It's not easy to describe what happens to a family

during a cancer diagnosis, confusion, fright, loss,

remorse. I don't know, a million things.


It takes effort to keep in touch and reach out. The payback is well worth the investment.


Grand Children with my mom

December 1998

Published on Oct 25, 2015

My private members motion on breast cancer awareness was debated today in the Federation Chamber. Many thanks to my colleagues, Jill Hall, Karen McNamara, Anna Burke, Luke Simpkins, Chris Hayes and Lisa Chesters. Their contributions to the debate were extremely good. This is an important area and it's one that I have been involved in since my first private members motion in 2002. It was an honour to pay tribute to my good friend, the late Roz Hill, who was a champion advocate for women and men #BreastCancerAwareness


The charity YAP is web based charity, and was established and registered in Australia in 2004 and endorsed as a 'Deductible Gift Recipient' since 10, January 2004.


Driven by Google Non-Profit and supported by SiteSuite Australia, YAP’s aim is to education young adults, male and female, on breast cancer awareness in that early detection saves lives and that cancer knows no difference to a person’s age, sex or nationality. averages 80,000 hits weekly and annually in October can double or triple that weekly figure.  (Based on 2014 data)


I met Roz Hill on the Internet in 2005 after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. I did a google search on the topic and YAPstuff, came up #1.


Roz and I became friends, and she gave me experienced support. We emailed several times a week during the five year treatment, and well after.


Roz invited Julie and I to visit during International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2014.


The plan was to grab the Caravan and Ukulele, and hit the road! "road train," she said. When we arrived to Sydney, we got to meet a strong but very fragile fighter who was passing off a baton to the next player, and now it's me.


Roz Hill passed February 26, 2015.

With my Mate Roz Hill

Camden, NSW

October 2014

Always grateful for what she taught me about sharing my experience.

Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre

Campbelltown, NSW

with Liz Stonestreet, Ken "nebo", Roz, Julie and Sue.

KNBP The "Money Station" Portland, OR

September 2016

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