interviews with Roz Hill

This is one in a series of interviews with Roz Hill speaking about a youth based charity in Australia educating a generation breast cancer knows no gender.

an evening with

Sebastian Cook

Sabastian is the male voice to the Breast and Peck Check App by


The App is a Free Download - get yours here! Apple or Android.

Skye Choueiri-Solly founding Ambassador for YapStuff, previous club professional at Manley Golf and Country Club. Currently, working in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Sue Purnell, Roz Hill and Russell Matheson, MP for Macarthur, NSW.

Lunch with Roz and the girls from the club on my last day in Camden – October 2014

Ken "Nebo" Stonestreet - Pratten Park Magpies

Sad news to announce that one of the Magpies greats, Ken Nebo Stonestreet passed away today after a long battle with illness.


Kens Funeral is at 11 AM on Wednesday the 3rd June at Forest Lawn Cemetery Camden Valley Way, and in true Magpie style the theme is black and white.


I met Mr. Stonestreet at Macarthur Cancer Centre in Campbelltown, NSW. He called himself a good bloke, and sure enough... he was.


“If we save one life, well then we’ve saved one life.”

Roz Hill

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