Why I Support the American Cancer Society

My involvement with the American Cancer Society goes way beyond my personal experience with cancer. I generate donations to honor those survivors who's time was cut short. I'm an advocate for early detection though I feel late stage Metastatic Breast Cancer should receive more clinical funding. The Motto I hold true. "If we save one life, well then we saved one life." Roz Hill


Please consider joining us and or making a donation that will save lives.

Ken "Nebo" Stonestreet - Pratten Park Magpies

Sad news to announce that one of the Magpies greats, Ken Nebo Stonestreet passed away today after a long battle with illness.


Kens Funeral is at 11 AM on Wednesday the 3rd June at Forest Lawn Cemetery Camden Valley Way, and in true Magpie style the theme is black and white.


I met Mr. Stonestreet at Macarthur Cancer Centre in Campbelltown, NSW. He called himself a good bloke, and sure enough...

he was.

Published on Oct 25, 2015

My private members motion on breast cancer awareness was debated today in the Federation Chamber. Many thanks to my colleagues, Jill Hall, Karen McNamara, Anna Burke, Luke Simpkins, Chris Hayes and Lisa Chesters. Their contributions to the debate were extremely good. This is an important area and it's one that I have been involved in since my first private members motion in 2002. It was an honour to pay tribute to my good friend, the late Roz Hill, who was a champion advocate for women and men #BreastCancerAwareness

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