Ruslan Bear

Fat Amy

Ruslan's first Making Strides against Breast Cancer

Life with a puppy

Ruslan joined us five weeks ago. We've seen him double in

size as he learns how to live with us and Fat Amy his

Cat Sister. Monthly updates as Ruslan develops.

I'm fundraising for The  American Cancer Society

My involvement with the American Cancer Society goes way beyond my personal experience with cancer. I generate donations to honor those survivors who's time was cut short. I'm an advocate for early detection though I feel late stage Metastatic Breast Cancer should receive more clinical funding. The Motto I hold true. "If we save one life, well then we saved one life." Roz Hill


Please consider joining us and or making a donation that will save lives.

With Kelvin Wood and Biill Amos

My Cousin Sharon, a great ACS supporter 2000 - 2024